Game Features


Hobo: Tough Life is a city survival RPG. The game is situated into an attractive city environment. It is supposed to be tough. You will have to deal with hunger, hostile environment, human unconcern and with forthcoming winter.
On the other hand we want to be storytellers as well. We will tell stories inspired by those less fortunate from real life, but also stories somewhat romanticized. We want to balance those approaches, because we are not trying to make some sort of realistic simulation, but after all we want to create a game.

Main gameplay features involved in EA:

  •  Interacting with random folks, begging, pickpocketing and other
  • Complex mechanic for looting dumpsters etc.
  • Crafting and building your own hideout
  • Up to 4 players online multiplayer
  • Survival features like starving, dynamic weather (storms, snow, rain etc.)
  • Skills for building your homeless character

Planned features: 

  • Complete story and quests
  • Public transport and vehicles
  • New areas of town
  • Combat system


Hobo Tough Life is a lot about exploration. You will have a city consisting of several diverse parts at your disposal (EA contains about 30% of final game area available). But we are talking also about other kinds of exploration. You will have to find out certain game mechanics. At later phase of development you will meet a lot of NPC characters. A lot of places and situations will be somewhat challenging to find. 


Our game is not just survival. We want to tell you interesting stories. The city isn’t empty concrete desert, but a place filled with characters. You will be given possibility to maintain or destroy relationships with people, to get known in certain parts of city. You will also interact with figures like local authorities, ordinary people etc.

During EA you can already interact with random ordinary people, police officers etc.


Fight for your life on the merciless street. Search bins for food and booze. Beg, resort to pickpocketing, do literally anything to make it through another day. Get something to burn to keep yourself warm, for the weather is about to get worse. Freezing winter nights may be your biggest enemy, but not the only one, so be aware of unpleasant surprises lurking in the dark corners of the city.

EA already involves majority of mechanics you need to survive – like building your hideout.

Screenshots & Artwork

Our Team

HOBO TOUGH LIFE is developed by:

Roman Valenta

Creative Director

Gaming visionary, game designer, 3D artist and storyteller.

    Jiří Vašica

    Lead Programmer

      Jan Polach

      Senior Programmer

        Jíří Čompa

        3D Artist

        Likes to read good books, drink wine and have a fun.

          Ondřej Morcinek

          Music Composer

          Interested in my other projects?

            Michal Kubík


            Turns coffee into code